Born with Cerebral Palsy, Alex enjoyed huge success on the national and international sailing circuits from a young age. Now, after a year as President of one of the largest Students' Unions in the country, he is ready to launch into mainstream politics and activism and use his experience to make a difference to the lives of others, as well as returning to the water to rule the waves.

When Alex went sailing for the first time in 2005, little did he know that the sport would very quickly become far more than just a hobby. He received his RYA Level 1 and 2 qualification just one year later, and then in 2009 he won his first title, becoming the Access Liberty UK National champion. Alex went on to repeat this three years later. In the meantime his attention turned to the Challenger trimaran, in which he had already begun to build a solid string of results, and he continued to improve his ranking in the UK, peaking at 3rd in the UK in 2016. 

Alex has also sailed a SKUD 18 boat, in which he was campaigning to represent Great Britain at the Paralympic Games. In 2011 he won the Silver medal at the Sailing World Cup event in France, before going one better and winning the European Championships in Italy a month later. Alex won the SKUD 18 UK Championships two years on the trot in 2011 and 2012.

Alongside his sailing exploits, Alex has been at the University of Southampton. He has undertaken a degree in Physics, though it his extra-curricular activity at the University that has enabled him to really stamp his mark on campus life. He first got involved in the Students' Union in 2013, by being elected as the disability representative on Union Council. He was quickly identified as having an interest in strategy and finance, and was subsequently elected as a Student Trustee of the Union. In 2016, Alex mounted a successful election campaign for Union President, and took up his post in the summer of 2016.

As President, Alex was both the political and the organisational leader of the Union, representing over 23,000 students to the University and beyond, and also ensuring that the Union as a charity was following its own constitution and the law, through acting as the Chair of Trustee Board. Through this role, Alex has developed and proven his skills in a wide variety of areas such as governance and strategy through to creative consultation, managing stakeholders, and networking. His demonstrable passion for making a difference to the lives of others has only grown through the Presidency, as has his commitment to the principle of democracy.